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Tall Girls Guide to: Skirt Lengths!

Did you guys know that I'm 5'10? So trust me when I say, tall girls, I get it! Clothes never feel like they fit you right and forget ever trying to find a mini skirt that won't show your bum sticking out. I would always sympathize more with my tall girls, not only because I understood the struggle but also because we can't just go to a seamstress and get our clothing modified to fit us. Being on the shorter scale can be a lot easier because you can simply hem your clothes at a low cost but for us tall girls we HAVE to find something that fits.

When it comes to skirts we definitely have options, even if you feel like you don't! The era of mini skirts is slowly fading as more and more midi skirts become on trend, but that doesn't mean you can't rock a mini skirt if you want to! The real trick for tall girls is to shop in the tall section of a store. These retailers can be hard to find, but more and more online shops are on board the body type train. Here are our favourite skirts for tall girls!

The Midi!

The midi is a tall girls best friend, because of your height these skirts typically hit at just the right lengths on the first try. This cut is especially flattering when you tuck in your shirt and wear the skirt high waisted.

Maxi Skirt!

You'd think maxi skirts would be a natural fit for us tall girls, however, if you've tried one you definitely know the struggle of finding one that's long enough to reach your feet. The trick with these beauties are to make sure you purchase one from a retailer that carries tall. It'll be rare that you can find one from a regular store and that it'll be long enough. Maxi skirts are perfect for tall girls because it's a style that can weigh a lot of people down but not you, you're tall enough to pull it off and it'll look amazing!

Pencil Skirt!

The pencil skirt is a classic in the tall girls arsenal, it's an easy fit for finding the right length. Pro Tip: Find some that aren't structured and have a stretchy fabric and you'll be able to manipulate the length to your comfort level.

Mid Thigh!

It's not quite a mini but it's close. Shorter skirts are always flattering because they show your true height, however, as discussed above, you can sometimes go too short when your taller. The trick to avoid a bum slip is to go for a mid thigh length skirt, this way you can rest assured that you can bend and snap with confidence: Cue Reese Witherspoon pulling a bend and snap!

I hope this helps in navigating your shopping for summer skirts a little better. I know first hand how hard it can be! Make sure to check out our past blog post to find the best retailers to shop for your tall needs here!

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