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The Beginners Guide to Online Shopping

Updated: May 20, 2020

One of the services I typically offer is Shopping Coaching. I go shopping with clients and coach them on styles that fit their body types and overall best practices while shopping. I have been missing it so much, especially the human interaction. I have spent my whole life in careers that require me to talk to people all day and I LOVE it! 

Unfortunately, I went through something similar to our current situation last summer, no I didn’t have a viral infection, however, I was in a car accident. This left me with a concussion, whiplash and a shoulder injury. This put me off work for almost three months, I was unable to move my body and was stuck on the couch deprived of human interaction. Although these times have been tough being stuck at home, I am SO grateful to be able to move my body this time around and have my partner at home with me! Hopefully I don’t drive him crazy talking his ear off…

Since we’re having to adapt to online shopping, I figured I would make a post about WHERE TO SHOP! I have divided up my favourite websites by body type for you all; if no one has told you the big secret yet: Always get clothes that fit your body type. I’ve divided it by Petite, Curvy and Tall with a bonus section at the bottom with my top rated sites for best Chic Dresses, Affordable Fashion Forward, Basics and some Local Favourites! 

Each body type section I listed below includes one higher price point site with quality clothes and one fast fashion site with trendy affordable options. I also added the best places to shop for denim per body type. If you are anything like me and love a good fitting pair of jeans but struggle to find them, hopefully these sites will do the trick for you. 

I love to live vicariously through all of you, so I’d love to hear about your purchases and fashion questions. Send me a message on Facebook or Instagram, I’d love to chat!

Best Practice


While online shopping it’s important to check the measurement charts that sites typically provide for you. 

Every clothing brand will size differently, this is lesson numero uno that I teach to my clients before starting to shop! 

Don’t get attached to size labels is the second thing I will say to my clients, those labels do NOT define your body type. I have personally been to stores where I am a size 2 and others where I’ve been a size 10! All to say, make sure you look at the chart provided, it’ll avoid unnecessary returns.  


Some of you may or may not know but I am a retired model. Well that’s the title I’ve given myself anyway. I modelled professionally for five years, I was signed with a few modelling agencies. This required me to take my measurements on the regular! It also taught me the proper way of taking my measurements, yes there is a right way of doing it. I’ve linked to the image below a very handy WikiHow on “How-To Take Your Measurements.” Before you go ahead and order your cool new jeans make sure to take the proper measurements and follow your size chart. 

Check the Return Policy

I know, I know! You are so excited to be buying something you just want to click check out right away. However, nothing sucks more than being stuck with something you have to pay double the price of the item to return it; not worth it!

Online Stores

Here are my online store suggestions! A lot of the sites I’ve linked offer sizing for different body types, so feel free to browse in all of them. I just linked my favourites per body type based on feedback I’ve received as well as personal experience. 

Enjoy your shopping!!













Bonus Section:

Chic Dresses

Affordably Fashion Forward

Best Basics

Local Favourite Clothing

Local Favourite Jewlery

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