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5 Essential Shoes that Every Woman Should Have!

Let's start by saying this, I definitely have more than what is essential for shoes, my boyfriend tells me to get rid of some at least once every few months. I basically treat them like collectibles, partially because I used to work in a shoe store and I stocked up while I had that discount at my disposal. I often see styling clients with the same issue, so many shoes in their closet but they only wear a handful of them, they often tell me it's because they don't know what type of style the shoe goes with. So here it is, my guide on what shoes you absolutely need and what to wear them with. Let's begin:

Black Pumps

I think this one is a given, most women I know even if they don't wear heels typically owns a pair of black pumps. Although, I believe that not every women necessarily owns the right pair. What you should look for is the comfort level of height you need, don't buy 5 inch heels if you aren't used to height, you won't end up wearing them. I believe you should look for a almond/pointed toe cut, I personally think that rounded toe shoes cut you off too quick and create the illusion of a super small foot, which isn't necessarily proportionate to your body. Since this shoe is so universal you can literally wear it with everything, there is no wrong way you could wear a simple black pump.

Nude Shoes

I chose to put nude shoes and not nude heels, because that's not necessarily your aesthetic. I think a nude shoe is essential in every wardrobe because the color is universal, it can go with any and every outfit. I personally own a pair of nude strappy sandals and a pump, so I can have a summer and winter version. One of my current favorite trends is a strappy nude shoe, with clear paneling, they make styling summer outfits very easy. So if ever you're in doubt, go nude!


Image via @aldoshoes x @rocky_barnes

Damn, I love mules! Never heard of this term? When you google it, you'll find the picture of a donkey... Awkward. In fashion, a mule is identified as a shoe with no back or no support around the foot's heel. The honest reason as to why you need this shoe is because they are so cute and trendy right now. I can't get enough of them, they are really easy to style and are a definite staple in my closet. You can find all sorts of versions of mules: flats, platforms or strappy sandals. Flat or even platform mules are great to wear with denim or trousers, they help elevate a simple casual look and make it more sophisticated. When wearing this style with pants, an ankle cut pant is key. A strappy sandal mule, as pictured above, is perfect for a skirt, dress and even denim.

Ballerina Flats or Loafers

Image via @gabriellebassett

Understandably not every women is into heels. I get it, they hurt your feet like crazy, trust me I've done the leg work to know. However, don't think because your not wearing heels that an outfit can't look cute! Loafers and flats can go with basically anything, so instead of reaching for your old flip flops in the summer opt for one of these.


Image via: @nikewomen

Oh how my love for sneakers has evolved over the years. I used to not own a pair of sneakers, even when I was a little girl in school, I never wanted to wear my sneakers to class. I bought my very first pair back in 2015 when sneakers became all the rage and everyone was suddenly wearing New Balance's with chic outfits. After I bought them I was in love, you could be cute and comfortable at the same time, sign me up! The rise of athleisure really gave way for this trend to come alive. The biggest trend that is still lingering is a good ol' white sneaker. The trick to wearing this trend is making sure your cool stylish sneakers are nice and clean, that's what separates the chic from the not so trendy. What I love the most about the athleisure aesthetic is that it broke down all the "rules" that the fashion industry had set for themselves. You can wear sneakers with a cute dress, a pant suit or just some good old fashion leggings. Whatever your personal style is, wear your sneakers accordingly.

There you have it ladies, your shoe shopping guide. I was originally going to incorporate boots in this but I think they deserve a whole blog post of their own. So when the times comes, you'll get a whole article on how to wear your winter boots and not sacrifice your style.

You all know how much I love hearing from you, let me know what shoe questions you have by sending me a DM on Facebook or Instagram! As always, tag us in your style selfies and you could be featured on our page!

Thanks for reading,

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