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My Top 9 Looks from 2020!

Needless to say, 2021 has started off on the wrong foot but I'm not letting that hold me back. I believe amongst the negative news on social media this past week, there is room for light entertainment to help us rest. So in the hopes of keeping things light, I decided to kick off the year with a look back on my favourite looks from 2020. Despite the pandemic, I surprisingly got a few cute looks in while staying home! I hope you enjoy looking through my top 9!


This look holds a place near and dear to my heart! I styled this look for our Lavish & Rose launch shoot, I wanted to capture the essence of the brand and use light and airy colors. I'm still obsessed with these pants to this day. I also wanted to include this look because it was pre-pandemic, look how clueless I was, so sweet.

Dressing Up for the Grocery Store

Midway through the first lookdown I started a Instagram live segment called, Getting Ready with Friends! Where I interviewed other local entrepreneurs on their businesses, while getting ready with them! I created this look on my fourth episode with Sophie Leger from Les Belle Cabanes. After the live was done I just had to dress up, I felt like Ariana Grande!

Work from Home Chic

As much as I love my loungewear, it's something that I just can't get motivated while wearing. I noticed I was my most productive while working from home when I got dressed. My new obsession this year was wide leg pants, they are perfect for making you feel put together all the while feeling like pyjama bottoms.

Interchangable Wardrobe Blog Post

This blog post was one of my favourites to make this past year, I had so much fun creating these looks and filming the content. I had a hard time picking one outfit, but I did really enjoy this denim on denim number!

Out in the Wild

It's so hard to believe that this past summer in my little corner of Canada, it felt like there was no pandemic at all. This picture was taken while out on a sushi date with a friend, pre mask being mandatory in public and at this point in time we had no cases. I chose this look because it was just such a carefree day in a very chaotic year and it's one day I felt really happy.

Shopping Selfie!

This is a picture I actually never shared but LOVE this outfit! I took this selfie while deciding wether or not to buy this fur vest. You can probably guess that I did buy it, because you can find it styled in the 2020 Belle by Joelle Holiday Campaign!

New Atelier Selfie

This picture was from early fall, shortly after I moved into my new space. It was still fairly warm out, so this look was me holding on to my summer wardrobe.

Favourite Thrift Find!

This jacket just had to be on this list! It was one of my favourite thrift finds of the year, thanks to my good friend April for finding it for me!

Final Look of the Year

I just had to feature my final look of the year! I had an intimate gathering with close friends at my home New Years Eve and despite it being very different than my past year celebrations I decided to still make the most of it and wear a glam outfit!

I hope this was a nice break from the chaos that is social media right now, I'm already busy working on my next blog as you read this! Despite the events of this week, I'm looking forward to seeing how this year unfolds.

Until next time friends! Xox

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