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10 Essentials You Need in Your Wardrobe!

You'll find a lot of versions of this list out on the internet, everyone is going to tell you something different. What some of these lists fail to do is keep everyone's different sense of style in mind. So here is what I believe to be true when it comes to what every woman needs in her wardrobe, no matter her style!

1- Good Jeans

For everyone that follows us on Instagram, you may have noticed my poll last night asking what you prefer between jeans and skirts. Roughly 70% of you prefer jeans!! I wonder though, do you know what "good" jeans are? Because I've seen plenty of women say "well I have good jeans" and then most times it's followed with a BUT. Examples of those buts are:

"I have jeans BUT they stretched and don't fit right but I can wear them with a belt!"

"My favourite good pair of jeans don't fit me anymore BUT I keep them just in case I fit in them again one day."

"My jeans are too long BUT I just cuff them so that they're the right length."

My response to all of the above you ask? These are not actually GOOD jeans! You deserve jeans that fit you perfectly. I know this can feel like an almost impossible task but I believe there's a pair out there for you!

2- The Perfect Bag!

The reason I chose the word bag and not handbag was a calculated move because I understand that not every woman is a handbag kinda woman! That being said, I do believe everyone needs a go-to bag, I mean let's be real we have a lot of shit to carry around! I fully believe that even men should carry bags. I can't even count the number of times I've had to use my purse to carry my partner's stuff. Not a handbag person? Maybe a cute backpack will be your go-to, whatever works.

3- Go to Layering Piece

A true fashionista knows the value of layering. My examples of layering pieces are blazers, denim jackets, cardigans, leather jackets, vests, etc. In colder weather, you can wear these layering pieces indoors as part of your outfit. It seems like every person has a go-to piece that they gravitate towards. What's yours?

4- White T-Shirt (Sort of)

The reason I added my "sort of" is because I know that you might not wear white, nor should you. This is probably the top item I've seen on the "must-have in your wardrobe" list and it's the one I disagree with the most because not everyone can wear white. Although a white t-shirt is great because it's so neutral it can be mixed and matched with multiple outfits, you can choose from other neutral colours, an example of possible colours for you: off-white, taupe, black, etc.

5- Staple Shoes

I mean, everyone knows you need your staple shoe. My staple shoe is my thick kitten heel sandals in the summer and my black chelsea boot in the colder months. I guess I was not so surprised to see that 80% of you prefer flat shoes! I get it, heels can be a pain in the butt. That being said I'm curious, what's your favourite flat shoe?

6- A Freakum Dress

I know you Beyonce fans out there know just what a freakum dress is! Just like the song says, every girl has one! I definitely went on a full-blown Beyonce circa "Dangerously in Love" listening spree after writing this. Okay, in all seriousness even if you're not a dress kinda lady, you should have a freakum outfit. That one look that works for formal events and you feel like a freakin star! Because I believe every woman should have a moment to shine!

7- Nude Bra

I've had quite a few clients now that don't have a nude bra in their arsenal! It's the type of item that you never know you need until you absolutely need it. Some blouses although not considered see-through can be sheer, so that cute polka dot print on your bra is totally visible. I mean if that's the look you're going for, more power to you but it's not an aesthetic I would recommend to just anyone.

8- The Comfiest of Sweaters

I'm just going to make the assumption that everyone likes comfy sweaters because I don't want to live in a world that someone doesn't. That was a tad dramatic but you understand my passion for it now. Comfy knits are what fall/winter months are all about, it's a definite must for any Canadian women's wardrobe.

9- A Signature Accessory

I'm a gold jewelry girl myself, I have multiple pieces that I wear on the regular basis. My top favourites are my gold watch and gold hoop earrings. It's important to have at least one go-to accessory that you don't have to think too hard about coordinating with your outfit, like I know no matter what, my watch and earrings go with everything in my wardrobe.

10- Go-To Fashion Bottoms

I know now that most of my readers love a good pair of jeans over a skirt but I don't think you can live in jeans 24/7. What's your other "fashion bottom"? For me, it's my wide-leg trousers, they're my socially acceptable fancy pants that feel like sweat pants and I love them dearly.

Well, here we are again, at the finishing line. I hope you all enjoyed reading my 10 wardrobe essentials list, maybe I'll see some of you at the mall this weekend searching for the perfect pair of jeans!

Feeling inspired to start changing your style now? Download our free workbook, Journey to Style and begin to discover yourself on a deeper level through your choices of style. As always I love hearing from you! Send me a DM about your favourite essentials on Instagram!

All my love,

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