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How to Incorporate Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall!

It seems that Summer is just a distant memory now but we've had a warm fall and I'm sure some of you still have some summer clothing kicking around in your closet. My seasonal routine is to divide up all my summer clothes and pack them away for the winter. However, I do keep some items out as some can work for both seasons. Here are a few examples of what items can transition into your fall wardrobe.


Certain dresses can easily transition into your fall wardrobe, for example, the one pictured above. It's a simple summer slip mini dress that I usually wear on hot summer days. This is an easy transition into fall as the dress's colours aren't very summery. Layering it with a comfy sweater and boots make it perfect for a chilly fall day. If you're scared of feeling too chilly in a dress, pair it with super warm socks and tights, if your extremities are kept warm you'll be surprised just how cozy you'll be.


Any type of item that can be layered and the colours can be transitioned into fall can work! For example, the image below is one of my favourite summer shirts. It's made up of a thin fabric that's extremely breathable, in the fall months I layer it with cardigans, blazers and sweaters.


You don't have to switch to boots right away! There are many ways to switch your sneakers into the fall season. Pair them with almost any cozy warm outfit and it can work. Check out our Pinterest board, Casual Chic for some cozy fall sneaker outfit inspiration!


Many of your summer accessories can transition into fall but one of our favourites is hats! In the summer we opt for a hat for some extra sun protection, in the fall, it can actually help keep you warm and cute!


Your summer beach tote bag can easily be transitioned into fall! Although you may have taken out your favourite fall handbag by now, consider using your tote for a different purpose. Try using it next time you go shopping instead of using branded bags. This will make you feel chic while shopping! I think they're especially cute for grocery shopping. My favourite local tote bags can be found at Belle By Joelle's Atelier by a brand called SOCCO, check them out!

Well my lovelies, I hope this inspired you to look at your summer wardrobe in a different light. Do you separate your seasonal wardrobe items? Hit the like button at the bottom of this post if you do!

I also want to let you all know to keep an eye out over the next two weeks for our newest project launch! If you don't want to miss out, join our Facebook Group to get the reminder.

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