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5 Common Fashion Mistakes Women Make!

1- Wearing Clothes That Don't Fit!

This problem is a lot more common than you'd think. Women can lean towards bigger sizes in order to feel more comfortable in their clothes. While I'm the first to say I LOVE an oversized look, more often than not people who are sizing up to feel more comfortable aren't doing an oversized look on purpose, this is the mistake. If you are sizing up to hide your body, stop, you are perfect in every shape or form and deserve to celebrate it. The opposite problem I'll see is people purchasing sizes that are too small because they're holding on to a tag size that they do not fit into. The first lesson I start with before going shopping with a new client is, do NOT get attached to labels. Every company is sized differently and even within the same store clothes sizing can change dramatically from piece of piece. Sizing is only there as a guide, it's there to show us where our starting point is, it's not a guarantee and most certainly never the end point. So you heard it here first, let go of the label, it means nothing!

2- Not Altering Your Clothes!

Some clothes just need alterations and there is no way to get around it. There is no clothing off the rack that is made specifically for you. Unless you are getting clothes professionally tailored to you, there is no clothing out there that will fit 100% perfectly. This rule especially applies to shorter women and their pants, because most "average sizes" found in retail stores are too long and can easily be tailored shorter. This is not so relevant for taller women as more often than not they need to have everything longer, so they can't get things alter to their height. Another example for this is having wider shoulders, you'll have to size up in clothing in order for it to fit your shoulders but it won't fit your body anymore, this is something you can get tailored.

3- Buying Items That Don't Fit in Your Closet!

Have you ever seen a super cute item at the store and bought it immediately just to come home and notice that you have nothing to wear it with? My general rule of thumb is, make sure every new item you purchase you can make at least three outfit with it from your current wardrobe. If you can't make three outfits with it, ask yourself is it worth the one or two outfits in your weekly wardrobe.

4- Having a Messy Closet!

If you can't see what you own it will be very hard to choose an outfit. Out of sight, out of mind, if you don't see your articles of clothing you'll be way less likely to wear those items. I'll give you my guilty example, I am notorious for forgetting about items of clothing that gather at the bottom of my laundry basket. I will do laundry every one to two weeks and for whatever reason, I never get to the bottom of my basket and when I do make it there, I find clothes that I forget about. Anyone else have a messy laundry basket? DM me on insta with "guilty" and I'll know I'm not alone and you're apart of the club!

5- Settling For A Piece of Clothing

Have you had to shop for a special item in a rush, then you end up settling for something you don't even like? The amount of items I find in women's closets that they don't even like is appalling! Why do we settle? Just to have a closet full of items we don't even like. Curating a perfect closet can take time and patience, never buy items in a rush, more often than not they will sit in your closet and just be worn once, if ever.

I'll forgive you if you've made any of these mistakes, because guess what? You're not alone! We've all done at least one of these mistakes on the list and they're quite common. Sometimes it can even be overwhelming to tackle a messy closet by yourself! Especially trying to decipher what to keep and what to get rid of. This is why I do what I do!

Curating the perfect wardrobe takes a lot of work and it's ever evolving. We grow as women, each new season brings a different layer to us and our clothes evolve with us too. What season are you going through right now? Send me a DM and Instagram and let me know what your current struggles are.

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