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Keys to Building An Interchangeable Wardrobe

When I start any article, I like to google the subject to see other people's take on it. When I googled how to build an interchangeable wardrobe the only articles that came up was advice for men. So it got me thinking:

"Why don't women think about building an interchangeable wardrobe?"

Is it because a large majority of women enjoy shopping and filling up their closet? Or is it because a lot of women don't know how to find the right pieces and end up over shopping on their quest to success? Whatever the case may be, I believe, building an interchangeable wardrobe is key to having impeccable style and not breaking the bank. Below I will share with you my favourite pieces for having clothes that can work together and create multiple outfit options for you! Each outfit you see below was made with 8 items, creating 5 looks.

Layers, Layers and more Layers!

The real key to building an interchangeable wardrobe, even if you take nothing else out of this article, is to layer! Owning items that can be layered with other pieces you own is key to creating multiple outfits with a simple and minimalist wardrobe. Statement items can be super fun and creative but if your options of layering are limited with your wardrobe it's probably a sign to not jump the gun on it, unless it's for a special ocassion. Having a closet full of statement items can start to create a habit of over shopping because you feel like you can't mix your wardrobe together, thus feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Befriend Your Basics!

Basics may not be the funnest to shop for but they are essential to building a perfect wardrobe. What defines a basic in my book is something that is a plain color, typically black or white and is something that you can layer. No matter what your style is, I always recommend finding a perfect fitting t-shirt, cami, jeans, skirt and jacket or cardigan. This combination alone can make you upwards of 4 different outfits, after this all other items can be more fun and colorful.

Find Your Color Palette!

Some people's style is a rainbow of colors, which is awesome, but I think it's safe to say that a large majority of my clients can be scared of color because they aren't sure how to mix the colors together. My advice is usually, try to find a palette that you know works together. Really, just by googling color palettes you can find variations of colors that work well, you just have to be bold enough to try them. Find the palette that works for you and keep a picture of it in your phone, so when you're shopping you can try and follow it as a guide. Don't feel attached to one palette, maybe you can switch it up during the seasons, just find what works for you. My favourite website for building color palettes is Coolors, check it out to find your perfect palette.

Determine Your Staples!

I can tell you immediately without a second thought that my favourite staple item is my leather jacket! It's so easy to throw it over almost anything and it just works, it brings my outfit to the next level and I feel more confident when I wear it. What item comes to mind for you? A lot of fashion sites will name a white tee as a staple item, I prefer to keep those types of items in my basics category, however, if that's part of your style, go for it! Some examples of staple items in my book can be: a denim jacket, your favourite pair of heels, a power blazer, a structured bag, statement earrings and the list could go on. Your staple items should be something you can throw on top of a look and it'll help pull everything together and make you feel more confident.

I hope you take time to reflect on your wardrobe and see how easily you can build outfits together. My general rule of thumb when shopping is:

"If you can't make at least three outfits with it, it's not worth buying!"

If you are feeling at a lost when trying to determine your style, download our free workbook, Journey to Style! This workbook is designed to help you start your style journey by helping you determine what your style really is and what's holding you back from change. As per usual, I love hearing from you! Send us a message by chat below or via social media for any advice, I'd be happy to help!

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