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Must Have Skin, Hair and Body Products!


My absolute favourite face skincare products are all medical grade. In brief, the difference between medical grade skincare and normal drugstore skincare is that it cannot be sold in drug stores, as there is no doctor on site. It’s also a higher concentration of ingredients, aka, why it cannot be sold without a doctors supervision.

My favourite cleanser is the one you see above, Purify MD by Osmosis. I swear it’s like no other cleanser I’ve ever used! It completely removes any makeup and helps skin shed dead skin with the enzymes in the product. If you’re someone who thinks that the cleanser you use is not as important then the rest of your skincare routine, this cleanser will make you change your mind. I will never be able to go without it now that I know the power of purify.

One of my favourite cleansers is my Vitamin C serum! I always struggled with extremely dry skin, I would switch from moisturizer to moisturizer and nothing would ever make it better, until one day my best friend recommended that I start using a vitamin c serum. It completely changed my skin! I’ve never experience dry skin like I used to since I started using it. I noticed my skin become significantly brighter and my skin tone evened out. Anyone not using a vitamin c serum should get on it right now!

Hair Care

I journeyed into the world of blondes a little over a year ago and when I did, I started using all sorts of hair products. Needless to say, it didn’t last long, because it was way too much work! I salute all my brunettes trying to be blonde, because it is a lot of work. Now that I am back to the brunette life, they’re two products that I brought along the journey with me. One is “It’s a 10” Miracle Leave-In Product! It literally does 10 different things: repairs dry damaged hair, adds shine, smooths frizz, seals and protect hairs, flat iron thermal protection, detangles, stops breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body and prevents split ends. One thing the package doesn’t mention is how amazing it smells! Once you start using it you’ll have a hard time stopping, it’s addictive.

Amika, The Kure, intense repair mask, is an absolute must when you feel like your hair needs some repairing. I leave it in my hair for the duration of my shower and after I rinse it out, my hair feels so silky smooth. I don’t use it as much now that I don’t have my blonde locks, but I’ll still use it at least once a month when my hair needs a little love.

Body Products

Koffee body scrub has quickly turned into my favourite body exfoliant. I always had a hard time finding one that I liked the smell, texture and results. This by far beat all my expectations, it smells amazing because it’s coffee, duh. It exfoliates amazingly and a little goes a long way, once my hand is wet, I just dab a bit of scrub on my fingers and it can easily do a big area. To top it all off, it’s local, which we love!

My other favourite body product is obviously Lush bath bombs! I love that they are not only relaxing but also help make your skin feel super smooth. I usually save them to prepare me for a special event, or to relax after a long day.

All the products you see above have made my favourite list for not only being amazing, but also because they are cruelty-free. At Lavish & Rose, we believe that no product is ever worth testing on an innocent animal.

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