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How To Master Casual & Chic!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Do you ever wonder how people make it look so easy? Running errands and looking so chic, yet they're wearing a baggy sweater and look so comfy, crazy. Believe it or not, it's totally achievable, even you can do it! Being stylish doesn't have to mean exhausting a big chunk of time, in this post I will go through a few simple steps to achieve the effortlessly casual chic look fast. Remember, this is all within reach and as much as it can be easy, it's all about your mindset as well. If you think looking good takes too much time, it will! If you think you can achieve great style effortlessly and rock it every day, you totally can! Here is how to get started:

Step 1 - Brush Your Hair!

When you take the time to do your hair, it helps pull your look together. I'm not saying full updo but a quick brush and hair products can go a long way! Styling your hair can take a whole 5 minutes if you're strategic about it; trust me, I have unruly hair and I can pull it off. I have my few trusted hair products that I cannot live without: my hair straightener, dry shampoo and hair oil. This winning combination gets me out of the door quick when I don't have time to do anything fancy. My favourite way to make my hair look done without doing much is first using my dry shampoo on my scalp, then my hair oil on the bottom half to even out my frizz. I then use a hair accessory like an elastic or cute clip, depending on the state of my hair, elastics are for the bad days. I only use my hair straightener on a few pieces of hair that are out of control instead of doing my whole head, this can apply to you whether your hair is more curly or straight! One of my favourite tricks is twisting a small piece of hair around my ponytail to hide my elastic, this will make you look like you put some effort in, even if it only took 2 seconds to do.

Scrunchy and gold hoops

Step 2- Put on Simple Makeup!

I know, I know, you're probably thinking girl this is supposed to teach me about wearing casual clothes and looking chic but trust that these are vital. A hint of makeup will help elevate your look and we're not talking full glam, you just need one to two items to make your look feel put together. Something as simple as a colored lip and mascara can go a long way. If you're not into a colored lip maybe just a press powder and mascara. I polled my followers last week and 70% of people said that wearing mascara helped them feel more confident. Super simple makeup will make you feel more confident in your outfit and that'll radiate no matter what you're wearing.

Step 3- Pick Key Accessories!

I'm personally obsessed with hoops right now, whether you're a silver or gold gal you can find these at just about any fashion retailer these days. Other accessories can be a nice watch, dainty rings, a luxury bag or a belt. The real key to this is that you really only need one to two, it'll bring some bling to your casual look that will make you look styled. My favourite person that rocks this look is Hayley Bieber, she is the queen of casual chic. This girl rocks sweatpants on the regular basis and still looks glamorous. One of her key accessories is gold hoops.

Hayley Bieber

Step 4- Plan!

I'm a real believer in planning, maybe it's my managerial background that has sculpted this belief but I think it's the key to success. Do you really think that when you wake up at 6am on a Saturday to your kids screaming is when you're gonna want to plan a cute outfit for your chill day? Of course not! My favourite ressource for this is Pinterest, pin all your cute casual outfit ideas and look to it as a resource when you're feeling uninspired. If you want to level up on your planning rituals, plan your outfit before going to bed, it'll be ready for you in the morning and you won't even have to do anything but get dressed. Need help finding inspiration on Pinterest? Go give us a follow, we have a whole board dedicated to Casual Chic outfits!

In short, effortlessly chic style is possible, all you need is a little bit of grooming, a hint of makeup, one accessory and a bit of planning. Do your future self a favour and work on your casual chic looks today and it'll come that much easier to you when the time comes to get dressed to run your errands or visit friends.

I love hearing from you about your wardrobe dilemmas or selfies of your outfits, send them to me via Instagram or Facebook @lavishnrose, I read and reply to all messages!

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