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Short Girls Guide to: Skirt Lengths!

Summer weather is here and we want to help our short girls get their skirt on! We get asked a lot for advice on outfit tricks for shorter girls. We're all about bite size blog posts so this will be the first of this series for "The Short Girls Guide". Don't worry my tall friends, your turn will come soon.

Miniskirts = Long Legs

This rule works for anyone, miniskirts are the easiest way to appear taller. Since you are showing more leg it creates the appearance of height. Now if your anything like me, you don't feel 100% comfortable in a mini. If you are, more power to you! I'm one of those people who sits in a chair with their legs crossed and you can see up my skirt, so I steer clear of this length.

Mid Calf A.K.A "The Midi"

A midi is the perfect length for feeling comfortable all the while making you look tall! My favourite trend for this length of skirt was silk midi's. The silhouette that the silk creates with this length makes you look tall and sleek.

Choose Tea Length Over Maxi's!

Tea length means that the cut of the skirt hits just above the ankle. If you cover your feet with a maxi, your small figure will get lost in the cut and make you appear shorter. A tea length is a good alternative if you would want to wear a maxi style.

Skirts with a Slit for the Win!

Skirts with slits help you get away with just about any length that you choose! Since a part of your leg is exposed it'll help with the illusion of length. One style that often has slits and is universally flattering is a wrap skirt or dress. Our best pro tip to help in the appearance of length is pairing your outfits with a pointed toe heel.

I hope you guys go out and rock a power skirt after reading this! We love hearing from you, so make sure to tag us @lavishnrose for a chance to be featured on our Facebook or Instagram page!

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