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10 Cute Summer Accessories for Under 50$

I know, we all wanna look cute in the summer but it's tough to buy a whole new set of accessories just for summer, because let's be real, the heat only lasts for a short while on the east coast of Canada. So, to save you from having to look far and wide, I've gathered my favourite summer accessories for you to enjoy, you're welcome! Now go buy them and tag @lavishnrose so I can live vicariously through you!

P.S. Click on any picture below for the shopping link!

Sending Love,

First up: Dainty Necklaces!

This one is easy for my local babes, run over to Klozet and grab one of these cute dainty necklaces by Pilgrim. They also carry zodiac necklaces that I'm obsessed with, I wear mine all the time!

Cutest Earrings!

Have you seen the earrings from Studs Astray? They're definitely suitable for year round purposes but these in particular are my favourite summer aesthetic palette. Go check them out for all your dazzling ear accessory needs.

Basically Hair Jewelry!

Add a little extra bling to your beach look with hair accessories! It's the best way to accessorize for a transition between the beach and a summer night out.

Floppy Hat Lover

Sun protection is in my friends and it ain't just a trend that will fade away. In the recent years more and more people are talking about the effects of sun damage on your skin, especially your face. The best way to avoid premature aging? Wear a cute hat, duh!

Perfect Summer Bags!

Of course, I've saved my favourite accessory for last. Bags are just so easy, they're never going to be the wrong fit and they will always be right by your side. I've owned some of my handbags for longer than I've been in a relationship. Go grab these companions below for cute summer arm candy.

Yes this bag totally matches the pink hat!

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