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5 Curvy Girl Fashion Myths That Need to Stop!

I can be a bit of a rule breaker! I tell myself it's human nature, being told not to do something and wanting to rebel against it, is it just me? Having done fashion styling for a few years now, I often hear my curvy clients set rules for themselves when it comes to fashion. I think that's totally unfair, because I believe you should wear what makes you feel sexy and confident! In this article I'm breaking down the walls of old myths that I absolutely hate in hopes that one day, my curvy gals can feel free to wear what makes them happy!

Myth #1: You Can't Wear Horizontal Stripes

This one's an old rule, that I can say I even believed at some point. I used to be the biggest fan of the show "What Not to Wear" and I picked up this fashion rule from watching this show so religiously many years ago. However, fashion is ever evolving and so are its "rules". After many years I've dropped this belief, I LOVE a printed top, especially stripes. It's an easy way to break up a plain outfit and add a pop of print, it's also a staple when mixing other prints together. If you're still recovering from this old belief and you're scared of giving it a try, use a slimmer stripe or wear a jacket to break it up.

Myth #2: Avoid Bold Prints

I've heard this rule repeated a lot, I wish people would stop. If you feel comfortable in a print and you look in the mirror and feel confident GO for it! Don't let some old magazine article tell you that you can't enjoy a fun bold print. Especially during these unprecedented times, life is too short not to wear that print girl, do it!

Myth #3: Baggy Clothes & Thick Knits Will Make You Look Bigger

I am the queen of baggy clothes, I love a good oversized sweater. I've heard people say they avoid oversized items because they don't want to appear bigger, which is completely understandable. I don't believe for one second that those same people don't crave a baggy comfy sweater in the fall. I believe this is a myth to be broken because again, life is too short not to wear that comfy baggy sweater! If you are hesitant here are a few tricks to help you out. Take this picture for an example, her whole outfit is flowy, so you can't even see her curves, however she's not getting lost in it because her sleeves are still fitted and her pants are only ankle length, take those two things out of the equation and it would've made her appear "bigger". This is the trick I'll give to you, just make sure you always have one part of your outfit that's fitted, this way you aren't lost in the fabric.

Myth #4: Wear Darker Colors to Appear Slimmer

Oh ladies, I have a special kind of hate for this myth. Don't hide in your dark colored clothes, when you listen to this myth, it's an easy way to let your insecurities win. I see women time and time again hide under piles of black shirts, don't get me wrong, I love an all black look but it shouldn't be used as a tool to hide behind. I've had to learn this lesson myself, wearing dark colors can be an easy way out but I know for me, it wasn't a true representation of who I am. Here's a good mantra for you: I am colorful, I am beautiful and I deserve to feel sexy in all the colors of the rainbow.

Myth #5: I Can't Wear Fitted Clothes

I love my curvy girls who aren't afraid to flaunt it! This is why I have a love/hate relationship with the Kardashian sisters, although they can be wrong in a lot of ways they sure know how to get their style right! This myth has been lingering for a long time, women will hide their curves and feel ashamed of them. I don't know who needs to hear this but, your curves are nothing to be ashamed of! You are beautiful and shouldn't be afraid to show the world that. If you are feeling self conscious about wearing a fitted item, try shapewear, it'll smooth out any imperfection you may want to hide. Shapewear isn't just for curvy girls, a lot of women just want that extra smooth finish when wearing a fitted item, it's nothing to be ashamed of trying. If you are still unsure about wearing a fitted item, don't think that fitted means tight, it can be something that just floats above your natural figure.

Well ladies, this is it. I hope this article helps you ponder on old myths you may have lingering in your mind about what you can or can't wear. If ever you feel unsure, send me a message! I'd be happy to help you uncover some old beliefs.

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P.S. All the looks in this article can be shopped by clicking on the photo! Happy Shopping!

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