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Beginners Guide: How To Mix Prints!

Have you ever considered mixing prints? Have you ever tried and felt like you failed miserably? I'm always surprised by the amount of people that want to try this trend, I've had multiple clients ask me how to wear it and I think I'm surprised because it's such a bold look but that's what makes it one of my favourite things to style. Although this trend can be extremely liberal in the way you style it, if you are a beginner and are unsure how to wear it, I've compiled below a sure shot way on mixing prints that will lead to success!

The look above is an easy way to mix a print, both the blazer and the trousers are the same color palette and both geometric. This same look can be replicated with polka dots and stripes; it could also be done with plaid and polka dots or any other similar variation. Another way you could try to keep similar colors while mixing prints is with a two different flower prints. This is a guaranteed win, because you are mixing two same colors, nothing can go wrong.

An easy way to mix animal prints are with geometric patterns or with two different animal prints. The easiest beginner way to try this trend out is wearing an animal printed accessory with a printed outfit. To make it even easier, try to keep at least one same color in each pattern, for example: pictured above black is the common color and the neutralizer of the outfit. The gold accessories tie it all together by bringing the gold tone of the boot into the outfit.

Want to mix a bold color but you're scared of clashing? Try sticking with a neutral tone for your second patterned item. This will guarantee that you won't clash and can feel confident in your choice of mix.

I could go on and on about ways to mix prints but this is a beginners guide after all, so I'll keep it simple. Once you feel like you've mastered the beginners steps of mixing prints, start experimenting, the true beauty about this trend is that there is no rules. Mixing prints is for the bold, they want to stand out amongst the crowd and pave their own success. Want some inspiration for your mixing prints adventure? Follow our Pinterest for some inspiration! Tell me, are you a print mixer? I love hearing from you guys, send me your questions or outfit selfies, I'll always answer!

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