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Fall 2020 Color Trends and How-To Mix them!

As the season of bright colors fade and the very easy and comfortable warm tones of fall return I started to think there is no better time than now to dive into the logistics of colors. One of my most popular packages with my fashion styling clients is the closet makeover sessions. The number one thing I see the most when doing closets is clients not feeling confident mixing colors for the fear that they will clash. My ultimate trick is Pinterest, for example search, Dusty Rose Outfit, and multiple outfit options will pop up. It can serve for excellent guidance, however, to save you even more time, I've created a a guide to the top color trends for 2020. So when you're out shopping for your new fall items this year, keep these palettes in mind. If you don't have any of the colors that are to the right of the guide then you probably shouldn't buy into the trendy color or it'll stay put in your closet without being worn. Let me know what you guys think of the fall 2020 color trends, which is your favourite? I am definitely leaning towards some tan shades myself it just smells like fall in the air! Scroll to the bottom for the guide!

P.S. If you are trying to reinvente your look this fall try downloading our workbook "Journey to Style" to help you! Click here to download for FREE!

Dusty Rose

Photo from @flauntandcenter

Faded Blue

Photo from @nitsanraiter

Wine Red

Photo from @nikiskyyy

Pistachio Green

Photo from @justlikethecolour

Bright Red

Photo from @stylestalkercom

Burnt Orange

Photo from Society19

Saffron Yellow

Photo from Marie Claire


Photo from @beauticurve

Forest Green

Photo from @prissysavy

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