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How Do Closet Makeovers Work? | Melissa's Story

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I’m sure you’re all wondering the same thing. What’s up with this closet organizing? How does it work? Can I afford this? The answer is yes! If you can afford the monthly trips to get your nails and eyelash extensions done or your daily Starbucks, this will not break your bank!

A consultation is always required for closet makeovers because I need to asses the size of your closet, your expectations and your overall needs. Some people want help purging, some just want help putting pieces of clothing together to make outfits, some may want both and that’s okay! I’m able to help with whatever challenges you’re facing!

This is Melissa’s story…

Outfit Inspired by Celebrity Airport Wear

This is Melissa, an incredibly gifted hair stylist! She’s won numerous awards for her amazing skills, not only is she talented but she is a complete sweetheart! She’s also my hair stylist, of course, nothing but the best for my mane! But in all seriousness, she’s amazing and you should definitely check out her work.

Melissa’s closet was an easy one, she loves clothes and has a very original sense of style. She just wanted a fresh eye to help her match outfits together, she has a busy lifestyle and sometimes craves simplicity. So why not get a stylist to plan ahead! You don’t always need to stress about what you’re gonna wear in the morning, sometimes gutting your closet and matching outfits together as you go, will help you be more efficient in your busy everyday life.

The look you see above was made for Melissa because she wanted a look where she could feel stylish and comfy, while she catches a flight to LA. She likes edgy textures like leather, but loves her comfy fabrics! Combining the two can make for a sleek and comfy put together look.

Here’s a little bit about the process…

I usually start any closet makeover, by emptying out your closet completely, so only the items you keep get to return to the closet. When I put them back, I make sure to classify them by item, then by color. If you can find everything easily you’re less likely to over spend on clothes you don’t need.

All the clothing you choose to purge, I’ll take care of donations for you! We always choose a good local charity to give them away too.

Contrary to popular belief, I will not make you get rid of the clothes you love. I’m not like the show “What Not to Wear”, I am not there to make you feel bad about your clothes. However, I will give my honest opinion about how it works for your body and make sure it compliments your best features.

So don’t worry, you get to keep your snuggly clothes, we ALL need our comfy “stay at home” go to’s. As I’m writing this, I’m laying in my “snuggly” a huge oversized sweater my partner got me for Christmas. It’s the best gift ever!

Lounge attire is a must! This Tuxy does the perfect fit!

Another crucial part of the process is taking pictures of the outfits I style for you. I always bring my camera to my appointments and take pictures of each outfit I suggest, so you can refer back to these images once we’re done. It may be a lot of information coming at you during your closet makeover, this is why a hard copy of these images and my clothing suggestions will be sent to you via email after your appointment.

My mission is to educate you, so you can make the best decisions when you’re shopping in the future, and stop repeating the same fashion mistakes.

Warming up to the idea yet?

Can you picture it now? You, with a stylist? Yes, you can have one too! If you would like to know more, book a consultation. I would love nothing more then to help you achieve all your goals.

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