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Why Everyone Should Tuck in their Shirt?

The simple answer to the title of this post is: because it flatters almost every body type! It is one of my all time favourite styling tricks and I try to convince everyone to at least try it. I've realized through the years that people either love or hate the "tucked shirt" look, there is no in between. Below I will try my very best to convince you to try it out, I get that it's not for everyone but humour me.

It's Figure Flattering!

This is usually my first argument to giving this styling tip a try, especially since I have so many clients that ask me questions like: "how do I create a slimmer silhouette?" or "how can I make myself look taller?" Tucking in your shirt can do both! If you look at the pictures above, the untucked shirt is running straight across my hips, this is naturally the widest part of my body. This cut of jean is extra high waisted, so it lands closer to my waist, the smallest part of my body. This style of tuck works great for most body shapes as it creates an illusion of an hourglass silhouette.

The Myth: I can't tuck in my shirt, I'm too curvy...

One of the top areas of concerns women have when getting dressed is their stomach: "How do I draw attention away from my stomach?" This is probably the most asked question I get as a stylist. I understand people's hesitance, if you've tried tucking your shirt in all the way, that may have drawn attention to unwanted areas but there is a way to tuck your shirt in that will actually help in hiding your stomach!

One of my favourite tricks is the infamous "french tuck". This term was coined by the stylist Tan France from Queer Eye. It's done by only tucking in the front of your shirt instead of tucking it in all the way around. This works wonders in creating a slimming effect, by only tucking in a small section of your shirt, the rest will flow away from your body and hide any unwanted areas. Having it tucked in will elongate your legs by making you look taller and that will create a slimming effect.

Want to look taller?

The number one thing shorter girls should be doing to create the illusion of height is tucking in their shirt. This will elongate your legs and make you look taller. If you are short with a short torso, opt for the french tuck instead.

Elevate Your Style

Tucking in your shirt is not just to create body illusions, it can also simply elevate your style. The tuck will tell the world that you put a little extra effort into your outfit. Something so simple can help turn jeans and a t-shirt into an intentional styling effort.

Trust me, just give it a try. Don't feel like your able to do it right? Maybe you just want advice? Send me a message! I love hearing from you guys and I'll always get back to you. Now go tuck in your shirt!

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