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Cute Legging Ideas | Get The Look

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I’m very aware of the fact that during Quarantine, some of you have not been working and you’re probably having a hard time getting motivated to get dressed. My hope is that by now you’ve at least graduated from PJ’s to leggings. As a stylist I have mixed opinions on leggings, one on hand, I love them, of course they’re super comfy! On the other hand, I believe they need to be worn in the right setting and the right way in order for it to socially acceptable.

Believe it or not, leggings have been around in some form since the 13th century, the renaissance period. Back then, they were worn for warmth and protection; often made of buckskin leather. In late 19th century, you can find them being used in the military for protection and lower leg support. It’s only in the 1960’s did we see leggings appear into the mainstream fashion scene and being used for something besides utility.

Emilio Pucci Leggings

Emilio Pucci 1960’s Photo Credit to: JLD Design.

The trend back then could be seen with bodysuits, large waist belts and ballet flats; or some variation of that. In the late 1980’s we saw leggings take a turn for the Streetwear avenue, popularized by the gym and dance industry. They would be seen worn under long flowy tops or skirts. In the early 90’s leggings were extremely popular, even outselling jeans. Later in the decade fashion steered away from them and stayed away for some time.

1980's Legging Fashion

1980’s Leggings Photo Credit: TheTrendSpotter

Their ultimate return to the scene was in 2005 and they haven’t left since; they even birth a whole new hybrid of jean/legging called “jeggings” in 2011.

Aritzia Jeggings

Aritzia Jeggings

This brings me to their current status, I believe leggings have come a long way and they can cause a lot of debate, especially on the topic of “Can you wear leggings as pants?” I believe the answer is yes but with some restrictions. If you are wearing leggings as pants in an everyday fashion settings, it should be of a thicker material example: leather leggings. The only time you should be wearing a cotton-lycra legging or some form of that blend as pants is in a athleisure styled outfit.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Athleisure

Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid Photo Credit:

Athleisure was a term coined around 2010 and has gained momentum with the influence of celebrities wearing the trend. It’s the idea of athletic wear being worn in a leisurely fashion. I personally love this trend for a low key day off running errands or lounging around the house look, however, I would not endorse this as work appropriate wear.

I hope the outfits below will help inspire you to wear your leggings with pride and in a fashionable manner, even if you are just at home lounging. You can also shop these looks by scrolling below. Feel free to message me on our social media platforms for any fashion questions, I’d love to answer them!

Lounging Lucy

Legging Outfit

Get the Look

grey cardigan

Simons Cardigan

pink silk cami

Dynamite Cami

pink vans sneaker

Vans Sneaker

Daring Debby

Legging Outfit

Pictured Above: Top (Harvey Nichols) Leggings (H&M) Loafers (YOOX) Necklace (Forever 21) Watch (Truefacet)

Get The Look

white boat neck sweater

Eileen Fischer Boatneck Sweater

Spanx Leather Leggings

BP. Flat

The Hayley

Pictured Above: Sweatshirt (Italist) Leggings (Zulily) Trench (NET-A-PORTER) Sneaker (Italist) Bag (YSL)

Get The Look

Urban Outfitters: Billabong Hoodie

Zara Trench

Adidas Ultraboost 20

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